[Battlemesh] FLONs.org and activists in hungary

Mitar mitar at tnode.com
Sat Sep 12 01:41:33 CEST 2015


> I'm not convinced. With Wiki* content is still centralized. All
> communities can host, update or maintain data on their own using FLONS
> API. There's no wiki gardener doing things. Communities are master of
> their data.

Yea, but that means that in some way the rights are centralized in
communities, so outside people cannot update and fix. You depend on
communities to fix and update. While on Wikipedia both communities and
outside people can fix data. So you have more people potentially keeping
the data updated.

In fact your question is not where the data is, but getting a commitment
from the community that they will be keeping the data updated. Your
assumption is that if data is with the community, they will be keeping
it updated. But you still do not really get the commitment, maybe you
get, maybe you do not.

My question is: maybe it is enough that we get the commitment from the
communities to keep the data updated, somewhere, and maybe it could be
Wikipedia, so that also outside people can keep it updated if by some
reason communities fail to keep their promise.

Also, in this day and age for freely licensed data I would claim that it
is not important where the data is stored (because you are free to store
it, federate it, distribute it, copy it), but who has rights to maintain
the authoritative version of it. You are saying that this rights should
be limited to a small set of people, I am claiming that maybe a more
open approach would be better. But I do agree that we should try to
evade the diffusion of responsibility. But that can be fixed in other
ways than centralizing power over editorial control of the data. For
example, we could at each Battlemesh have a short hackathon to update
the data on Wikipedia to the latest entries. We could every so and so
make a call (reminder) for the people to check the data.

> BTW: The list of wireless community networks isn't up to date:
> https://www.wikiwand.com/en/List_of_wireless_community_networks_by_region#/Europe
> I miss at least a lot of freifunk communities.

I am glad that you noticed. Please add them.



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