[Battlemesh] Session about multi-homed IPv6 mesh networks and auto-configuration

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Tue Apr 19 18:04:10 CEST 2016

On 19/04/16 17:24, Dave Taht wrote:
> one problem hnetd does not handle at the moment is the concept of
> having a metric ton of prefixes available to choose from and selecting
> an appropriate subset to use and redistribute. Consider a network with

We need metrics in the homenet protocols to be able to handle this.

In olsrd v1 I implemented multi-smart-gateway that uses advertised 
bandwidths and mesh metrics to choose the best 'n' gateways.

> 1000 routers and 100 exit nodes - you might want 3-5 prefixes per
> router to give you 3-5 possible exits, and rotate around them over
> time. Otherwise you end up carrying a lot of routing traffic for ipv6
> addresses that are mostly unused.
> Also consider a network where the available exit prefixes are, like, a
> /60 and thus individual exit nodes cannot supply enough prefixes to
> cover all the routers in the first place.
> Hncp also wants to assign those real addresses to itself, and doesn't
> cope with p2p assignment in the spec (tho julius extended it to /128s
> I think) I am actually not huge on global reachability for internal
> routers and would prefer ULAs, maybe grabbing a real ipv6 address for
> long enough to get an update, that's it.
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