[Battlemesh] mini-survey towards an FCC-Free "global south" router

Nicolás Echániz nicoechaniz at altermundi.net
Sun Apr 24 00:56:48 CEST 2016

On 04/23/2016 07:34 PM, Dave Taht wrote:
> One thing you should also be specifying is temperature and humidity
> tolerances. I did not see that in your
> https://pad.codigosur.org/FRIDA_Escalamientos2016

good point. Will do.

> Also I am leaning strongly towards trying to take advantage of
> 802.11ac technologies (and giving atheros the boot), and have some
> hope for improvements to the mediatek chipsets (at the present time),
> but there's a long way to go there.

If you check the quotes at the end you'll find out we are considering a
Mediatek (AC) option. Due to the fact that the linux support, specially
in ad-hoc mode seems to be still in it's early stages, we guess this
would be an interesting option for a future version, maybe two years
from now. All this could change if people working on the Mediatek
support for Linux would join this boat. We could maybe even get funding
to work on this.

Another option, suggested by Franz is to have a Mediatek MT7621A based
board but use Atheros for the radios. This is an interesting option too.
I'll try to find out what would be the difference in cost.

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