[Battlemesh] mini-survey towards an FCC-Free "global south" router

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 03:28:24 CEST 2016

On Sat, Apr 23, 2016 at 3:56 PM, Nicolás Echániz
<nicoechaniz at altermundi.net> wrote:
> On 04/23/2016 07:34 PM, Dave Taht wrote:
>> One thing you should also be specifying is temperature and humidity
>> tolerances. I did not see that in your
>> https://pad.codigosur.org/FRIDA_Escalamientos2016
> good point. Will do.

Heh. While I'm at it, solar powering - as well as many power grids -
tends towards needing tolerances of over and undervoltage, and overall
power consumption should be looked at... The ubnt nanostations take
6-24v, for example.


NiFe batteries still have some advantages - I'm really surprised they
are not more often locally manufactured (patent is long since expired,
materials are easy to acquire), although bulky, they last *forever*.

http://ironedison.com/nickel-iron-ni-fe-battery is one manufacturer,
there are others.

(About 8 years back I had a few places where putting up a node in an
intermediate point in a  forest would have been very helpful, so solar
powering them with batteries that could last 3 days was part of my

Perhaps those batteries are a bit bulky ( :) ), and certainly Li has
come a long way... but I no longer have a grip on how much Li you'd
need to get through the night at today's power consumptions (?)


Given that power flickers are also a PITA, supercapacitors have got
pretty cheap, and a couple of 'em could keep you powered for 20-60

>> Also I am leaning strongly towards trying to take advantage of
>> 802.11ac technologies (and giving atheros the boot), and have some
>> hope for improvements to the mediatek chipsets (at the present time),
>> but there's a long way to go there.
> If you check the quotes at the end you'll find out we are considering a
> Mediatek (AC) option. Due to the fact that the linux support, specially
> in ad-hoc mode seems to be still in it's early stages, we guess this
> would be an interesting option for a future version, maybe two years
> from now. All this could change if people working on the Mediatek
> support for Linux would join this boat. We could maybe even get funding
> to work on this.

That would be lovely.

> Another option, suggested by Franz is to have a Mediatek MT7621A based
> board but use Atheros for the radios. This is an interesting option too.
> I'll try to find out what would be the difference in cost.


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