[Battlemesh] mini-survey towards an FCC-Free "global south" router

Nicolás Echániz nicoechaniz at altermundi.net
Sun Apr 24 08:28:14 CEST 2016

On 04/23/2016 10:28 PM, Dave Taht wrote:
> Heh. While I'm at it, solar powering - as well as many power grids -
> tends towards needing tolerances of over and undervoltage, and overall
> power consumption should be looked at... The ubnt nanostations take
> 6-24v, for example.

We were planning for 12 to 24V tolerance as a starting point.
We currently have many solar powered sites with a mixture of TP-Link and
ubiquiti equipment.

> NiFe batteries still have some advantages - I'm really surprised they
> are not more often locally manufactured (patent is long since expired,
> materials are easy to acquire), although bulky, they last *forever*.
> http://ironedison.com/nickel-iron-ni-fe-battery is one manufacturer,
> there are others.

we've been looking at the option of manufacturing NiFe batteries
locally; in theory this shouldn't be too hard.

If you have any experience or practical info it would be great.

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