[Battlemesh] FCC Contacts about Wifi Regulations

Juliusz Chroboczek jch at pps.univ-paris-diderot.fr
Fri Aug 5 03:23:50 CEST 2016

> So what we are planning to do is to have the power lead include several
> additional pins, where the power cable indicates the regulatory regime
> that applies to the unit, and also whether 3rd party firmware can be
> loaded.

If even the Serval project collaborates, then we are truly fucked.

Has the FCC actually refused certification to hardware that allowed
third-party images?  The mixed signals we are getting indicate either that
the FCC realise that they have made a mistake and are looking for an
honourable way out, or that the FCC is divided on the subject of
third-party firmwares.

Please build a router that can be reflashed with third-party firmware
without hardware modifications -- anything less, and you're unfaithful to
your mission.  If you don't get certification, make a big fuss.

(Something acceptable might be a web interface that only allows signed
images, and a bootloader with a tftp server that allows third-party
images.  Document in BOLD LETTERS that the tftp server is UNDOCUMENTED,
that using it will VOID YOUR WARRANTY, that it will require RECERTIFYING,
that using it might be ILLEGAL in your locale, and that it might cause

As to using a non-standard power supply (or power cables) -- that's
a horrible idea.  Power supplies get lost and power supplies get damaged.
I am not buying any hardware unless the power supply is of a standard type
that I can easily find at my local electronics shop.

-- Juliusz

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