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> I am not huge on a separate style of power connector. It raises costs,
> and makes for finding the right plug in an emergency situation harder.
> With the rise of usb micro plugs, and now usb-3.1c we are entering a
> world where we can power anything from anything, over a combined
> power/network bus, and to me that seems like a more efficient way to
> go. I gave a talk on this at ietf:

Thanks.  I'll see what we can do on this front.  If anyone knows a source
of USB 3.1 or C sockets that are IP65/66 rated (including when connected to
a cable), it would be very helpful.


> https://www.ietf.org/proceedings/96/slides/slides-96-babel-3.pdf
> latter third of:
> http://recs.conf.meetecho.com/Playout/watch.jsp?recording=
> IETF96_BABEL&chapter=chapter_1
> )
> ...
> The disconnect between the decline in costs, the rise of extreme
> integration, open source and regulation and the public safety needs to
> be fixed, and continuing to to carry our problems back to the
> regulators in terms they can understand seems to be a good option.
> Recently for example, a set of patches enabling wifi on a few special
> wifi channels reserved for emergency services was rejected because
> someone could abuse those frequencies, and me, I kept imagining a
> tsunami hitting california and trying to pick up the pieces with
> whatever equipment was available.
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