[Battlemesh] mesh protocol for lora

Kristoff kristoff at skypro.be
Sun Aug 28 23:09:01 CEST 2016

Hi all,

I am experimenting with lora-modules for ham-radio.

The modules I currently use have a simple UART interface so the setup is 
very simple: They just provide the Lora modulation sceme, not the 
higher-level LoraWan protocol.. Every message send into the serial 
interface in one node will be transmitter over the air and pop-up out of 
the serial interface of every other node that is a 2 to 3 km area around 
the transmitting node.

So this looks like the ideal application for a meshed network.

As I do not want to re-invent the wheel, does anybody know of a 
mesh-protocol that would be best here:
- operate on a low-bitrate network (300 bps)
- used in a mostly station setup
- available in source-code: the codes currently are linux devices (RPi) 
but I would like to migrate to microcontrollers (STM32F1)

Anybody any ideas?

Cheerio! Kr. Bonne (ON1ARF)

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