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Pau pau at dabax.net
Fri Dec 16 16:23:44 CET 2016

IMO there is not a single definition for mesh network. It depends on the
context. For my understanding the definition from libremesh.org is quite
correct in our context "Mesh networks are such networks where all
participants (nodes) are able to route traffic from other participants".
So all nodes are able to route. Thus IMO when we talk about mesh network
we talk about layer 3 (or layer2 in case of Bat-adv), but not layer 1.

Guifi.net is not a mesh network (or at least we do not define it as a
mesh network), but a community network using mainly BGP/OLSR following a
star topology. So there are SuperNodes (which are able to route) and
standard nodes connected to some SuperNode (nodes not able to route
packets from the main network). However inside Guifi.net there are some
mesh clouds which are actually small mesh networks where all
participants are able to route using some dynamic routing protocol.

Regarding the image, I don't get your point Willi. You can understand
the libremesh.org graphic as a small piece of the Wikipedia graphic you
attached. In any case it is just a cosmetic thing, the image is not
trying to explain anything technical. You should go to "How it works" to
get more into detail.


On 16/12/16 08:38, Paul Gardner-Stephen wrote:
> Hello,
> For better or for worse, "mesh network" and "ad-hoc network" have become
> almost synonyms, even though a mesh network correctly requires that every
> node is connected to every other node.  The colloquial and common usage of
> a mesh network in most cases includes ad-hoc networks, where connectivity
> does not exist between every possible pair of nodes.
> Paul.
> On Fri, Dec 16, 2016 at 6:15 AM, willi uebelherr <willi.uebelherr at riseup.net
>> wrote:
>> Dear Gui and all,
>> i want to start to understand the inner architecture and methodology from
>> LibreMesh.
>> But immediatly i see it on the first page. The grafic of "MeshNetworks" (
>> http://libremesh.org/). If you compare it with the grafic "4: Technik" in
>> https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freies_Funknetz (in the english version
>> this grafic don't exist), you can see the difference.
>> Your grafic shows not a Mesh(Network). That are connected nodes, yes, but
>> not a mesh. Maybe, you think, it is not so important. But, if we have not a
>> clear understanding of a Mesh, what that is, how we can create a mesh of
>> connected nodes?
>> many greetings, willi
>> Asuncion, Paraguay
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