[Battlemesh] Extending Eduroam over the community network

Huub Schuurmans huubsch at xs4all.nl
Tue Feb 23 12:36:42 CET 2016

Op 21/02/16 om 09:55 schreef Mitar:
> Hi!
> Eduroam has some interesting usefulness as a global network and I
> started wondering if it would be possible to add to our nodes Eduroam
> SSID as a parallel SSID. One thing is to do it officially, but could
> this be done unofficially by connecting to an existing AP somehow and
> just bridge everything over? Can this work with 801.2x in place? So that
> you would bridge the whole AP network over, including the 801.2x on the

Yes, Eduroam service can be run in parallel over a community network. We
have done a research project a couple of years ago and run a 'proof of
In our hardware setup we have multiple ap's at each network node, so we
installed a dedicated Eduroam-ap with WPA2 and a VPN-tunnel to a Radius
server/proxy at the internet gateway.

Details are at
Unfortunately this documentation is in Dutch.


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