[Battlemesh] OT: Badly balanced devices [was: What hardware still works?]

Juliusz Chroboczek jch at pps.univ-paris-diderot.fr
Wed Feb 24 19:10:40 CET 2016

>> A dual-band 802.11ac device with only 100Mbit Ethernet? Non merci.

> Some glinet models advertise 300mbps radio side with a 100mbps ethernet side.

Well, 300Mbps is at most 120Mbps above the MAC, so that's not *that*
shocking, but still, I'd really expect to get two independent GBE NICs on
any recent device.

The other issue with these devices is the SoC -- the CPU core is a 500MHz
MIPS 24Kec, which is a very reasonable CPU (1.6 DMIPS/MHz), but the
systems that I've examined have rather disappointing memory bandwidth --
I'd be suprised if it could push more than 300MBps or so.

I need to put some time aside to look at some cheap ARM boards.  The
hardware is more open (specs are more readily available), the ecosystem is
richer, and the memory/cache subsystem seems more refined to my untrained
eyes.  But the architecture is less elegant than MIPS, so I'm feeling some
internal resistance.

> I have just received a gl150 yesterday, I still have to open it to see
> if they have changed the gpio padding from 2mm to the standard 2.54mm.

Interesting.  What are you doing?

> I might have enough of those for the WBM to finally make some decent
> tests of Babel with the channel diversity option.

That would be very helpful.

-- Juliusz

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