[Battlemesh] What hardware still works?

Simon Wunderlich sw at simonwunderlich.de
Tue Mar 1 10:02:03 CET 2016

On Monday 29 February 2016 15:11:02 Adam Longwill wrote:
> I have actually started a conversation with GL-INET and they're being very
> supportive of building hardware for a market.
> Perhaps we could collectively come up with a set of general requirements
> for an ideal meshing node.
> The hard part it seems is that the FCC certification process is complicated
> since they use OpenWRT on their routers.

How exactly are you going to ensure compliance with the FCC rules in terms of 
software security? If you want to use it in the US, you have to do the same 
FCC certification, therefore solve the same problem - hopefully in a smarter 

I'd be very interested in how your solution looks like, since other vendors 
can adopt this idea into their firmwares as well to create open routers.


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