[Battlemesh] [OpenWrt-Devel] Request for Feedback - prplwrt Software Support Program - initial draft

Saverio Proto zioproto at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 12:37:23 CET 2016

I received your email on so many mailing lists that I could not stop
from answering.

Could you please give some context about what is prplwrt ?
I have been working with OpenWrt since 2006 and it is the first time I
hear about prplwrt.

The website did not help, and all this people are unknown to me:

I guess your email needs a proper introduction.

thanks !


2016-03-03 22:07 GMT+01:00 Eric Schultz <eschultz at prplfoundation.org>:
> As discussed in prplwrt meetings, prpl is interested in funding development
> work on OpenWrt. In order to make this as fair as possible, I'm proposing a
> process which I'm tentatively calling the prplwrt Software Support Program
> (PSSP)
> PSSP will fund innovative OpenWrt development work that is responsive to the
> needs of the OpenWrt community and industry. To make sure the process
> benefits the community as much as possible, I'm asking for your feedback.
> Please look through the document I've linked below and provide feedback,
> either as comments on the document or as a reply to this message.
> As a quick summary, the process would go as follows:
> * prpl and its members, as funders, would set initial themes that all
> projects would be expected to fit into.
> * the community, prpl members, and others would submit and comment on ideas
> for projects that fit those themes
> * potential implementers would then submit proposals for implementations,
> including a budget, timeline and general plan for implementation
> * an OpenWrt community committee, the prpl TSC and prpl Board would finalize
> which implementations are selected and funded.
> More details are in the linked document. I want to make sure everyone in the
> OpenWrt community has had a chance to provide their thoughts on the program
> so please provide your feedback as soon as possible and no later than March
> 17.
> Thanks,
> Eric
> PSSP proposal:
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b5LwqNPUasSafP-3NLwnV7rXRRUPDfj5yrU772dkpoc/edit?usp=sharing
> --
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> skype: ericschultzwi
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