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krishna sreekrishnapandi at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 16:23:10 CET 2016

Hi Monic,

Yes. That is an exciting topic. I have worked on something similar about a year
ago. From the inline mail, I understand that the idea is to transfer image/video
to multiple nodes wirelessly (necessarily WiFi?) and reliably (hence FEC). I
(along with Simon Wunderlich) have been working on a smarter form of FEC called
Network Coding, which would also enable the end nodes to cooperate with
eachother and share the lost packets in a smart way.

With Wifi, I think the primary challenge with broadcast is that the
driver/firmware would assume maximum losses (since it has no way to estimate how
lossy the channel actually is, due to loss of feedbacks), and therefore transmit
data in the lowest possible datarate (~1Mbps). That obviously could be a
bottleneck if we are talking about bulky data transfer. However, We overcame
this with patching the ath9k driver.

I could offer some help (or atleast share what I have learnt the hard way) if I
know what exactly the problem is.


On 03/11/16 12:30, Monic Meisel wrote:
> Dear wifi experts, 
> is anyone experienced with coding regarding Wifibroadcast and FEC - call for support for refugee project 
> please share ... 
> Best Monic
>>> Von: steini <steini at elektropost.org>
>>> Datum: 3. November 2016 um 08:50:44 MEZ
>>> An: intern at lists.ccc.de
>>> Betreff: Wifibroadcast
>>> Hallo Gemeinde,
>>> Für unser Projekt in Kooperation mit Seawatch zur Rettung von Flüchtlingen aus Seenot (siehe auch https://berlin.ccc.de/wiki/Datengarten/70 ) suchen wir dringend nach Unterstützung und Hilfe für die digitale Bildübertragung per Funk.
>>> Gibt es hier Menschen mit Codingerfahrung zu Wifibroadcast und FEC?
>>> Liebst,
>>> Steini
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