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fboehm fboehm at aon.at
Thu Nov 3 17:13:00 CET 2016

This project sounds very interesting. Is there any information available 
regarding the application/use-case. Even better would be some 
information around the envisioned system architecture.

Kind regards,

Am 2016-11-03 um 16:23 schrieb krishna:
> Hi Monic,
> Yes. That is an exciting topic. I have worked on something similar about a year
> ago. From the inline mail, I understand that the idea is to transfer image/video
> to multiple nodes wirelessly (necessarily WiFi?) and reliably (hence FEC). I
> (along with Simon Wunderlich) have been working on a smarter form of FEC called
> Network Coding, which would also enable the end nodes to cooperate with
> eachother and share the lost packets in a smart way.
> With Wifi, I think the primary challenge with broadcast is that the
> driver/firmware would assume maximum losses (since it has no way to estimate how
> lossy the channel actually is, due to loss of feedbacks), and therefore transmit
> data in the lowest possible datarate (~1Mbps). That obviously could be a
> bottleneck if we are talking about bulky data transfer. However, We overcame
> this with patching the ath9k driver.
> I could offer some help (or atleast share what I have learnt the hard way) if I
> know what exactly the problem is.
> Cheers,
> Krishna
> On 03/11/16 12:30, Monic Meisel wrote:
>> Dear wifi experts,
>> is anyone experienced with coding regarding Wifibroadcast and FEC - call for support for refugee project
>> please share ...
>> Best Monic
>>>> Von: steini <steini at elektropost.org>
>>>> Datum: 3. November 2016 um 08:50:44 MEZ
>>>> An: intern at lists.ccc.de
>>>> Betreff: Wifibroadcast
>>>> Hallo Gemeinde,
>>>> Für unser Projekt in Kooperation mit Seawatch zur Rettung von Flüchtlingen aus Seenot (siehe auch https://berlin.ccc.de/wiki/Datengarten/70 ) suchen wir dringend nach Unterstützung und Hilfe für die digitale Bildübertragung per Funk.
>>>> Gibt es hier Menschen mit Codingerfahrung zu Wifibroadcast und FEC?
>>>> Liebst,
>>>> Steini
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