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Thu Feb 23 13:24:00 CET 2017

Personally I like the wbm-themed most. It's consistent with the last two
years but also has something local.

I just tried to arrange it differently.

kind regards
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Albert Rafetseder:
> Dear Battlemeshers,
> This is Albert from the local BattlemeshV10 organization team.
> We have sketched three logo proposals for WBMv10 and would like to ask
> for your feedback, radical redesign ideas, or similar. You can find the
> proposals and their LibreOffice/InkScape sources over here,
> https://github.com/aaaaalbert/wbm10notes/tree/master/graphics
> * "paraboloid" attempts to trace a dish antenna using the date and
> location of WBMv10.
> * "ste-0xff-l" is based on one of Vienna's better-known sights.
> * "wbm-themed" is inspired by the familiar fist-clenching radio tower motiv
> Let us know what you think, either via this mailing list, or through
> v10 at battlemesh.org (i.e. the organizers' list), or by creating a fork of
> the repository above and sending a pull request.
> Thanks,
>   Albert, Paul, and Clemens from the Vienna team.
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