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Leonardo Maccari mail at leonardo.ma
Thu Feb 23 22:58:54 CET 2017

On Mon, 2017-02-20 at 17:16 +0100, Albert Rafetseder wrote:
> Dear Battlemeshers,

Hi all,

My personal ranking:

paraboloid: hard to understand, visually not really characterizing..
ste-0xff-l.svg: I love this! following what linus said, it could be 
simplified a little. I would try to put Battle\nMesh on the roof, v10
below, and the date on the tower (smaller). The tower could be wi-fizzed 
a little, but i can't say how.
wbm-themed.svg: it has the advantage of being similar to last year (which
is important), but it is hard to understand if you did not see the logo 
of v9. In general, for me the connection between the "battle" and the 
boxing antennas is all but intuitive and the church makes it even harder
to get. I think if we want to re-use the theme it is wiser not to change
it at all, and insert it in a frame with references to Vienna, as Paul


> This is Albert from the local BattlemeshV10 organization team.
> We have sketched three logo proposals for WBMv10 and would like to ask
> for your feedback, radical redesign ideas, or similar. You can find the
> proposals and their LibreOffice/InkScape sources over here,
> https://github.com/aaaaalbert/wbm10notes/tree/master/graphics
> * "paraboloid" attempts to trace a dish antenna using the date and
> location of WBMv10.
> * "ste-0xff-l" is based on one of Vienna's better-known sights.
> * "wbm-themed" is inspired by the familiar fist-clenching radio tower motiv
> Let us know what you think, either via this mailing list, or through
> v10 at battlemesh.org (i.e. the organizers' list), or by creating a fork of
> the repository above and sending a pull request.
> Thanks,
>   Albert, Paul, and Clemens from the Vienna team.
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