[Battlemesh] Thank you from the kitchen side

Leonardo Maccari mail at leonardo.ma
Mon Jun 19 08:50:02 CEST 2017

On 18/06/17 08:20, Isa wrote:
> Hi there!!
> I wanted to say thank everyone who helped us in the kitchen cutting the
> veggies, building up the infrastructure, washing the dishes,...
> Also for the compliments and nice conversations in the kitchen.
> Thanx you Minimal.is.muss https://www.facebook.com/minimalkitchen/ for
> the equipment.

Hi Isa, thank you and others for all the work and the food.
> -lets organise events where programers and food activist come together
> and build alternatives together
> -lets build mesh networks together with farmers and over them direct
> selling oportunities for their local food
> ....

Just to say that apparently we are going to organize the Ninux-day in
Bologna, and the proposal from the organizers is to spend half a day in
a valley close to the city where we can mount nodes in a local
cooperative of farmers. So if this materializes, we are going to report
on it!


> SO many things we can do!!
> Hope to see you again and if you have an idea you can get in touch with
> me;-)
> greetings Isa
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