[Battlemesh] Testbed - how to organize this year?

Simon Wunderlich sw at simonwunderlich.de
Wed Mar 22 11:59:17 CET 2017


we had some discussion previously on the mailing list whether and what kind of 
tests we should do this year.

Guido suggested to test firmwares instead of routing protocols to compare on a 
more holistic (and maybe higher?) level.

Dave also suggested doing stress testing (or even vulnerability/security 

And Juliusz suggested to continue the low-level routing protocol tests.

In the past years, I've asked for volunteers for technical help and 
organizing/planning the tests. While there were always people who wanted to do 
technical things, finding volunteers for planning/managing was harder, and 
after many years I don't know if that kind of role separation even makes 

So here is my suggestion for this year:

 * For anyone who wants to participate actively in the test, please let us 
know in the this thread
 * Please also state what you can/want to do, and what kind of test you are 
interested in (one of the 3 suggestions above, or something else?)
 * After some people are found for one of the test modes, you can discuss how 
you want to do it on your own.

I also heard that the local team would be willing to prepare the venue, e.g. 
pre-install routers, provide maps, etc. You can take this into consideration 
for preparing the tests.

As for hardware, I'd think we can plan with some[tm] WDR4300 again. At least I 
can bring my 7 boxes, maybe other people can bring some as well. If you have 
other requirements, we can also discuss that on the ML.

Please remember: this is a community event. If you want to have tests done, 
just do it. :)

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