[Battlemesh] Call for Presentations for Wireless Battle of the Mesh #10

Paul Fuxjaeger paul.fuxjaeger at gmx.at
Wed May 3 13:46:35 CEST 2017

On 03/05/2017 09:44, Philipp Borgers wrote:
> Is somebody interested in a workshop where we take a look at all the different
> routing daemons out there and create some adhoc mesh networks?

yeah, let's get this ball rolling again.

maybe a pad can be useful for this now too:

I'll try to keep mailinglist and pad in sync.

> I would love to discuss IPv6 in layer 3 mesh networks again if somebody is
> interested.

... funkfeuer vienna crew will be definitely interested - we're in the
middle of migration.

Somebody has gone through it and wants to share their "lessons learned"
in this regard?

#WBM10 local team

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