[Battlemesh] Battlemesh v13 Virtual Global Editions -- 14-15 November 2020

Filipe Borges Teixeira filipebteixeira at gmail.com
Sat Oct 10 11:25:02 CEST 2020

Dear mesh enthusiasts,

We can now officially announce it, Wireless Battle of the Mesh is going
virtual! According to the poll [1], WBMv13 will take place between 14th and
15th November 2020!

After some months of reconsideration, we have concluded that it would be
kinda difficult to do the WBMv13 in person this year :..(
But our mission can't be shutdown by a mere 7.5 kilobytes of RNA - there
will be a dedicated mesh developer/community event in 2020!

The rough idea, for now, is to put together a schedule of around 10
interesting presentations, via BigBlueButton (streamcopied to
Peertube/YouTube) and a set of topic-based rooms on a voice chat server
(mumble). For now, things are still flexible - we can change this model
according to the expected number of participants. We could also use this
event to try running distributed experiments.

Please SPREAD this link (or the announcement text below this email) wide
and far:

Your help is appreciated :)

+ info is being updated at the WBMv13 wiki at

We are looking forward to meeting the whole community in November!

All the best,
  The WBMv13 "Virtual Global Edition" orga team

[1] https://framadate.org/oqWwMrU4EKJdy1Sl

The Wireless Battle Mesh v13
Virtual Global Edition
14th - 15h of Nov 2020, Anywhere on Earth

The upcoming 'Wireless Battle of the Mesh' event will take place from Sat
14th - Sun 15th of November, in a virtual room.

The event aims to bring together people from across the globe who are
interested in community networks, including wireless mesh network
technologies, fiber infrastructure, Do-It-Yourself Internet Service
Providers, OpenWrt community, and more generally how to create and maintain
a thriving community of people involved in building their own networks.

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be a full virtual event.

We envision 2 days of expert presentations, workshops, and fruitful
whether you are a mesh networking enthusiast, community networking
activist, protocol developer, or have an interest in networking in general,
come and join us!

Continuously updated information about the event:


The links to the virtual rooms will be available on the wiki at


The event is *free of charge* and registration is optional - but it would
be nice to have an idea of the number of participants, to be able to plan
the infrastructure.

To register, please fill in your name on the wiki at
If you have any trouble, send us an e-mail at v13 at battlemesh.org

Call for talks / workshops

We invite participants to propose workshops, talks, or other events.

We welcome contributions that broadly address the question of community
networks from any of several perspectives:
technical, organizational, economical, regulatory, juridical.  Example

Wireless Community Networks
Community Networks that deploy Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) networks
TV white space as a precious network resource (radio spectrum)
Free hardware and free software for Community Networks
How to organize a durable community structure?
How to involve non-technical people? To "digital stewardship" and beyond?
How to disseminate the spirit of community networks, knowledge etc?
Connecting rural areas: challenges and solutions
Public fiber networks: architecture, funding, private actors involved,
Internet of Things (IoT) networks and their impact on society
How to take advantage of a community network in ways otherwise not
possible? What are the applications?
OpenWrt features, existing or upcoming
OpenWrt community
Technologies that work during the COVID-19 and that are friendly for
community networks

Deadline for submitting a proposal: 30th October.

To submit a proposal, please add it to the wiki at
http://battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV13/Talk_proposals or send us an email (v13
at battlemesh.org) with the template below.
All information you give us will be made publicly available in the schedule
unless explicitly specified otherwise.

Subject: Event proposal [e.g. conference, workshop, panel discussion, ...]

Name and/or nick
Optional affiliation: community, country, employer...
Event title
Type of event [talk / workshop / workshop / panel discussion / other]
Duration [5 min, 25 min or 55 min for talks, anything you want otherwise]
Preferred date / constraint

Summary (about 200 words)

The Local Organization Team
The virtual local team is composed of Albert, Filipe, Hauke, Marek, Paul,
and Pedro


* Web: https://battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV13
* Contact email: v13 at battlemesh.org
* Mailing list: https://ml.ninux.org/mailman/listinfo/battlemesh
* IRC: irc.freenode.net #battlemesh
* Twitter: https://twitter.com/battlemesh/
* Mastodon: https://toot.aquilenet.fr/@battlemesh13

Spread the Word

Please help us spreading the word by forwarding this announcement to all
lists and people that might be interested. Blogging about it is also
very appreciated, and if you do so, please add a ping-back to the wiki page:
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