[Battlemesh] Battlemesh CFP - 3 Weeks to go

Paul Fuxjaeger paul.fuxjaeger at gmx.at
Wed Oct 21 21:03:32 CEST 2020

Hi Battlemeshers,

in about 3 weeks Wireless Battle of the Mesh v13 "Virtual Global
Edition" will take place!

Registration helps us estimate the server load, it is FREE and can be
done eeeaasily on WBM wiki page [1], under participants.
If you're having trouble registering, please reach us out by e-mail:
v13 at battlemesh.org.

The schedule and presentation list is being updated, we have 4 proposals
at the moment and multiple slots are still available.
Please consider submitting a talk proposal soon, including lightning
talks (short updates on a particular subject).

Please help us spread the word and endorse the event! The official
announcement can be found here [2].

Thanks a lot for your help!
WBMv13 orga team

[1] https://battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV13
[2] https://battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV13/Announcement

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