[Battlemesh] battlemesh spaces + hybrid exhibition on campaigns for digital rights

panos nethood panos at nethood.org
Thu Oct 22 19:35:09 CEST 2020

Hi Filipe,

The idea is that people having access to suitable spaces (e.g., the
C-base) for hosting "physically" a few participants for the event, they
can add in a wiki (per city) the address, contact, the max. number of
people, equipment, and available time slots. E.g., in Zurich, our space
L200 will be projecting on the screen of the space the online event for
its full duration and around 7-8 people can participate comfortably (in
terms of audio/video equipment) and safely (in terms of distance in the

I wouldn't do much more than this (a wiki page) and rely on people to
provide reliable information and see how it goes, without stress. Then I
could take care to check the content of the wiki, contact people that
seem to have added incomplete information, etc.

Btw, I am working on a page explaining which type of equipment is needed
to improve the quality of "hybrid" events, recycling existing
audio/video devices: https://7at7.ch/tools/

At the next event of our series 7at7, https://7at7.ch/en/, I am
organizing a hybrid exhibition of successful/clever/interesting
campaigns on digital rights.

You can see here the draft description of the event and the current list
of "items" to be printed and exhibited: https://7at7.ch/nov2020/

If anyone has related material (I think that freifunk must have!), and
would like also to join on November 7 at 7pm, when we will present the
exhibition and brainstorm about future campaigns let me know :-)



On 21.10.20 20:45, Filipe Borges Teixeira wrote:
> Hi Panos!
> Thanks for your suggestion, it sounds interesting.
> Some questions that we have in mind are:
> - What do new locations would have to do to join?
> - How do locations are aware of this possibility/event?
> To be able to proceed, we would need someone to drive this process.
> Would you be available for that? :)
> Best,
> Filipe Teixeira
> panos nethood <panos at nethood.org <mailto:panos at nethood.org>> escreveu
> no dia quinta, 15/10/2020 à(s) 11:06:
>     Hi all,
>     Good news that WBMv13 will take place this crazy year!
>     I have a proposal toward making it a little more interesting than
>     a pure
>     online conference.
>     We are working these days, as many others, on the concept of hybrid
>     events. Online events that take place also offline in one or more
>     locations where a few people can gather physically and connect to the
>     online space together.
>     We experiment with different such hybrid formats (others more
>     "physical"
>     others more "digital") in the context of a new event series, called
>     7at7, it happens every 7th of the month at 7pm [1] in a physical space
>     in Zurich, L200, https://langstrasse200.ch, and online always at the
>     same address: https://7at7.digital, redirecting to a BigBlueButton
>     server maintained by a local group, the Digitale Gesellschaft (Digital
>     Society). See https://7at7.ch/ and https://7at7.ch/tools for a draft
>     page on the infrastructure needed.
>     So, the idea is that spaces like L200 can become hosts for small
>     groups
>     in different cities which could meet to participate at WBMv13
>     together.
>     What do you think?
>     Best,
>     Panos.
>     [1] The next 7at7 event in November will be a hybrid exhibition on
>     "campaigning for digital rights", which will collect material from
>     successful campaigns like the gafam.info <http://gafam.info>,
>     display it in the space and at
>     the time of the event, November 7th at 7pm, go through the exhibition
>     with live commentaries from people involved in the different
>     campaigns.
>     The details are in progress and please let me know if you have such
>     material or suggestions.
>     On 14.10.20 21:14, Filipe Borges Teixeira wrote:
>     > Hi,
>     >
>     > We are now starting the endorsements process for WBMv13! We would
>     > really appreciate it if communities across the globe take part
>     in this
>     > year's edition!
>     >
>     > All the communities sponsoring or endorsing the event will be listed
>     > on the event page https://www.battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV13 with
>     their
>     > logos and link to the sponsoring or endorsement. Please adjust the
>     > following template to your audience, publish it, and send us the
>     link
>     > and the logo before Oct 31st.
>     >
>     > Please also consider giving a talk, our schedule is open:
>     > https://battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV13/Talk_proposals
>     >
>     > **Template**
>     > [Community-Name] supports this year's "Wireless Battle of the Mesh -
>     > Virtual Global Edition".
>     >
>     > The event aims to virtually bring together people from across the
>     > globe who are interested in community networks, including wireless
>     > mesh network technologies, fiber infrastructure, Do-It-Yourself
>     > Internet Access Providers, and more generally how to create and
>     > maintain a thriving community of people involved in building
>     their own
>     > networks.
>     >
>     > We envision 2 days full of expert presentations, workshops, land
>     > fruitful discussions: whether you are a mesh networking enthusiast,
>     > community networking activist, protocol developer, or have an
>     interest
>     > in networking in general, come and join the event!
>     >
>     > Battlemesh is free of charge and open for presentations.
>     >
>     > This year, the event will take place from Saturday 14th to
>     Sunday 15th
>     > of November, 2020, in a virtual room.
>     > Check out continuously updated information about the event at
>     > https://www.battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV13
>     >
>     >
>     > [Community-Name] endorses and supports "Wireless Battle of the
>     Mesh -
>     > Virtual Global Edition" for the efforts made by its community to
>     > advance the field of wireless mesh networking and foster the
>     > development of grass-roots community networks, for their
>     contribution
>     > to the digital freedom rights movement, empowerment of peoples
>     > tech/net/media competency and a free and open civil society.
>     >
>     LEVEL OF
>     > [Community-Name] will support the event by:
>     > promoting the event
>     > bringing members of the community to the event
>     > giving talks about the advancement of our community in certain
>     aspects
>     > presenting projects
>     >
>     > In order to allow us to credit you, please send us an e-mail to
>     > address v13 at battlemesh.org <mailto:v13 at battlemesh.org>
>     <mailto:v13 at battlemesh.org <mailto:v13 at battlemesh.org>> to confirm
>     your
>     > sponsorship or endorsement and to provide us your logo.
>     >
>     > Thanks a lot for your help!
>     > WBMv13 orga team
>     >
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