[Battlemesh] OpenWISP in Google Summer of Code 2021

Federico Capoano f.capoano at openwisp.io
Tue Apr 6 03:15:02 CEST 2021

 Hi everyone,

it's been a long time since my last post in this list!

For those who know me and may be wondering where I have been, In the
last few years I've been pretty busy working on OpenWISP
(https://openwisp.org) and working on implementing NetJSON

This year OpenWISP has been accepted in the Google Summer of Code for
the 5th consecutive year, we have a few projects touching OpenWRT,
NetJSON and Network Topology Visualization (again, sic).
Here's our idea list: https://openwisp.io/docs/developer/gsoc-ideas-2021.html

Moreover, this year Google has dropped the requirement to be a
student, so if anyone is interested in any particular project please
get in touch with us (https://openwisp.org/support.html).

I hope to participate again at the next in-person Battlemesh.

Best regards
Federico Capoano

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