[Battlemesh] Call for Papers and invitation to the 16th Wireless Community Weekend May 14th until 16th 2021

Elektra onelektra at gmx.net
Fri Apr 23 11:28:32 CEST 2021

Hi all!

The Wireless Community Weekend (WCW) is an annual meeting of Freifunkas & other community networking enthusiasts, happening at the weekend of Pentecost. If you have been there before, you might remember that the chatting, hacking and barbeque never stops. Well, almost.

Thanks to the sad and ongoing you-know-why, the 16th Wireless Community Weekend will be an online event from May 14th until 16th. The good side of a virtual community weekend barbeque meeting is that it can and will, indeed, be a global event.

During the event, there will be

* Work adventure (2D world) with Jitsi rooms to roam around and chat
* Self-organized sessions (usually also Jitsi)
* Curated talk program in the stream

All information for our Call for Participation (CfP) and participation in the network adventure can be found in the Wiki <https://wiki.freifunk.net/Wireless_Community_Weekend_2021>.

Please register in the list of participants <https://wiki.freifunk.net/Wireless_Community_Weekend_2021/Participants>, this makes it easier for us to plan for the size of our virtual barbecue.

Call for Papers:
For talks we are planning a stream including recording.
Please submit your proposals in Pretalx: https://pretalx.freifunktag.de/ffwcw2021

Workshops and Sessions:
Workshops and contributions that are not to be recorded will be added to the wiki timetable: https://wiki.freifunk.net/Wireless_Community_Weekend_2021/Timetable

The WCW lives through your contributions! If you have the time and inclination to help with the adaptation of the work adventure map or the design, simply contact us at: WCW2021orga at freifunk.space

Please share the invitation in your communities!

Best wishes!

Elektra on behalf of the ffwcw organization team

Elektra <onelektra at gmx.net>

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