[Battlemesh] Reminder: GSoC 2021 - Update or add your ideas

Andreas Bräu ab at andi95.de
Mon Feb 1 14:38:23 CET 2021

Hi there,

as I already wrote we're going to apply again as organization for Google 
Summer of Code in 2021.

I just want to remind you to update your project ideas or add some new 
ones. Deadline for applications is February 14, at this point your ideas 
should be up to date, too!

To do so please submit a pull request at 
You'll see the ideas at https://projects.freifunk.net

Please keep in mind that starting from this year, the project size is 
smaller, student should work on it a total of 175 hours, instead of 350 
hours before. See 
https://google.github.io/gsocguides/mentor/#program-structure for details.


> For 2021 there is increased flexibility in the planning for the milestones - students have 10 weeks to complete their 175 hour project. This opens it up for the student and mentor to decide together how they want to break up the project. Some folks may choose to stick to a 17-18 hour a week schedule with their students, others may factor in a couple of breaks during the program (for student and mentor) and some may have students focus 30 hours a week on their project so they wrap up in 6 weeks. 

Best regards,


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