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Jenny Ryan jenny at equalit.ie
Thu Sep 2 00:13:41 CEST 2021

Hey all!

The rad org I currently work with is looking for a DevOps engineer to
assist with monitoring and maintenance of our network infrastructure:

eQualitie is seeking an experienced networking software engineer for
DevOps and infrastructure automation duties. We’re looking for someone
who knows how to build and manage cloud services with an emphasis on
FOSS solutions that we run _in-house_ <https://github.com/equalitie/>.
Our new colleague shares the company’s _values_
<https://equalit.ie/values/> and is ready to play an important role in
protecting freedom of expression and association on the Internet. In
turn, you will get exposure to and a say in the design of current and
future _defensive _ <https://deflect.ca/solutions/>_web
<https://deflect.ca/solutions/> technologies_ and _decentralized
solutions_ <https://github.com/censorship-no> for avoiding Internet
censorship, as well as personal satisfaction that your contributions
create real change for people around the world.

*Job Description*

You will work across tight-knit project teams and interface between
software developers and systems operations. Your primary
responsibilities will include building and tuning tools to improve
network availability, service performance and censorship resilience. You
will introduce common systems and processes for a variety of in-house
technologies, spanning DDoS mitigation, a clearinghouse for anomalous
network behaviour and a decentralized peer-to-peer web caching network.
You will take an “automate everything” approach, introducing and
improving automation, orchestration and monitoring tooling across the board.

*About you*

You love dashboards and hate network latency. You understand the
building blocks of the Internet and are familiar with its core
protocols. You value infrastructure-as-code systems and believe in
prototyping, fine-tuning software configurations and performance
monitoring as the primary ways to improve an Internet- reliant product
or service. You have a depth of knowledge, experience and a passion for
Internet technologies that allow you to learn new systems relatively
quickly. Also, you should have:

  * Excellent Linux administration skills, performance- tuning and
    server hardening;
  * Demonstrable experience deploying and managing technology using
    Docker and/or Kubernetes;
  * Experience with data engineering, analysis, visualization of web
    traffic and network statistics (e.g. Kibana, Grafana, Icinga,
    Prometheus, etc);
  * Experience in network programming (HTTP, TCP/IP, UDP) with knowledge
    of peer-to-peer (BitTorrent) technologies a strong asset;
  * Familiarity with coding in Python (with Go and/or C++ experience a
    strong asset);
  * An active appreciation for reading and writing documentation!

*Now, a little bit about us…*

<https://equalit.ie> is a growing technology company that puts its
principles before profits. This is a relatively fast-paced environment
with a strong sense of individual contribution. We solve complex
technical problems for improving digital defences, introducing privacy
to online activity and enabling freedom of expression and association
online. We are a remote-first company and offer flexible working
arrangements, contributions to private health care, annual pay raises,
prospects for professional growth and social opportunities. eQualitie
welcomes applicants from all backgrounds.

<https://deflect.ca>The _Deflect project_ <https://deflect.ca/> protects
over 650 website platforms from cyber attack, serving over 70 million
unique IPs annually. Deployed on bare-metal infrastructure locations
around the world, Deflect offers web caching, secure hosting and
defense-in-depth mitigation options, including the _Baskerville_
<https://deflect.ca/solutions/deflect-labs/baskerville/> clearinghouse,
among _other services_ <https://deflect.ca/solutions/>.

<https://censorship.no>_CENO Browser_ <https://censorship.no/> is a tool
designed to circumvent the most pervasive forms of Internet censorship.
Built on Mozilla for Android and the _Ouinet libraries_
<https://github.com/equalitie/ouinet>, CENO enables users to retrieve
and share web content peer-to-peer over Bittorrent’s DHT.


  * Start Date: asap
  * Job Location: Montreal, Canada (remote also OK)
  * Job Type: 12 month contract, possibility of full-time thereafter
  * Salary: 84,000 USD + benefits
  * Application deadline: September 15, 2021

*How to apply
*Please send your resume and a cover letter explaining how your
experiences and motivation match our requirements. Please make sure to
include your GitHub (or similar) profile where we can see your previous
work and/or code.



Jenny Ryan
CENO / OuiSync Project Manager, eQualitie
https://censorship.no  ||  https://equalitie.org
PGP Fingerprint: 8AA3 7DFF 2190 ADA3 7C08  05F2 E76E BE2F D25B 0F57

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