[Bologna] Fwd: [lime-dev] Parametric ssid implemented

ThEgAmEr xthegamerx a gmail.com
Mar 16 Dic 2014 11:12:19 CET

questa comoda aggiunta permette di personalizzare il SSID del proprio
nodo in base all'hostname.

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From: Gioacchino Mazzurco <gio a eigenlab.org>
Date: Tue, Dec 16, 2014 at 1:18 AM
Subject: [lime-dev] Parametric ssid implemented
To: dev a lists.libre-mesh.org, capo a riseup.net

Hi all!

now adhoc_ssid is parameterizable with %H that will be substituted by hostname
and with %Mn that will be substituted by the n'th byte of the device primary
mac address, if you have personal clones and wanna test the feature just
rebase on top of develop branch
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