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Dear colleagues,

I think the members of this list might be interested in the release of
“The Community Network Manual: How to Build the Internet Yourself” ,
which is published in partnership by FGV, ITU and ISOC and is the 2018
outcome of the IGF Dynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity (DC3)

The Community Network Manual features a series of analyses providing
guidance on how to build Community Networks and how to make them
scalable, sustainable and law-compliant. The volume was launched at
the IGF during the DC3 Session: When the Unconnected Build

Here is URL to freely download the volume

FYI, this is the third volume of a trilogy. Previous DC3 reports were
dedicated, in 2017, to “Community networks: the Internet by the
people, for the people” and, in 2016, to “Community Connectivity:
Building the Internet from Scratch”. All volumes are freely available,
under Creative Commons License.

Below you will find the table of contents as well as the early praise
by Bruno Ramos (ITU) and Andrew Sullivan (ISOC)

Feel free to share this email through your networks

Best regards


“Community networks represent a valuable alternative model that
deserves to be explored to improve access to Information and
Communication Technologies to underserved communities worldwide. ITU
is committed to connecting the entire world’s people and this book and
the work of the UN IGF Dynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity
offer inspiring and transparent guidance to foster digital inclusion.”

Bruno Ramos, Director for the Americas Regional Office of the
International Telecommunication Union

“Community Networks offer a credible solution for building a digital
future that puts people first. This volume is a testament to the
excellent work of the IGF Dynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity.
It is a long-awaited guide that will allow many to participate in the
Internet’s evolution, building an Internet for everyone..”

Andrew Sullivan President and Chief Executive Officer of the Internet Society

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