[Ninux-Wireless] Decentralized internet

Nemesis nemesis a ninux.org
Lun 20 Feb 2017 09:56:37 CET

On 02/19/2017 09:27 AM, Claudio Pisa wrote:
> On 02/05/2017 11:57 AM, nemesis wrote:
>> Io e Hispanico siamo a FOSDEM nella decentralized internet devroom,
> Quello che mi salta all'occhio e' che parliamo di "decentralized
> internet", ma Internet al momento (almeno ai livelli 1-2-3) e'
> decentralizzata. Cosa volevano dire gli organizzatori con questo titolo?

Sarebbe da chiedere a loro, ma andando indietro riesco a ritrovare
l'annuncio iniziale che venne forwardato su varie liste:


I pezzi salienti a mio avviso:

"PCs are less and less used  while smartphones are soaring and data is
collected and stored on servers on which we have very limited control as


"What happened to our  freedom and empowerment in the meantime?  The
outlook is not so great: we  have less and less control over our digital

"Network Neutrality is in danger and most code we use is proprietary and
runs on servers we don't have control over."


"We invite projects/individual working around these issues/topics to
submit proposals"


Topics could include all layers of the stack, from network, hardware,
OS, platform, apps and services:

* Community-driven networks, DIY access providers,
* Self-hosting software and distributions,
* Software aimed at keeping control over personal data,
* Community-hosted alternatives to GAFA


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