[Ninux-Wireless] LibreMesh Release 17.06 "Dayboot Rely"

Ilario Gelmetti iochesonome a gmail.com
Dom 24 Set 2017 01:34:19 CEST

Dopo un anno di sviluppo (sono state cambiate un sacco di cosette e
aggiunte alcune funzioni comode, in generale è migliorato parecchio) e
testing (per esempio tutta la rete dell'ultimo Hackmeeting era costruita
con LibreMesh), finalmente e` disponibile una nuova versione di LibreMesh :D

Qui trovate la guida aggiornata in italiano sul sito Ninux:
e quella sul sito LibreMesh:

Qui sotto trovate l'annuncio ufficiale e il changelog.


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Subject: [lime-users] Release 17.06 "Dayboot Rely"
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2017 20:13:04 +0200
From: Gui Iribarren <gui a altermundi.net>
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So, this release was meant to be announced many months ago (as the
numbering suggests) but lack of coordination (me, gio, pau) delayed it.
In the meantime, some more fixes and improvements were introduced, and
most importantly, several (unpublished) intermediate "release
candidates" have been running for months now, in different community
networks (QuintanaLibre mainly, thanks to persevering NicoEchaniz, and
other smaller deployments)

Highlights are that ieee80211s is used by default (instead of adhoc)
which breaks "backward" connectivity with previous releases,
as well as changes in vlan tagging policy of bmx6 and batadv (which also
are not backwards compatible by default)
most notably, this vlan change fixes a hard-to-debug mtu shrinking bug
that pestered all releases so far (symptoms were varied and bizarre,
like having timeouts when trying to browse certain https sites,
sometimes, on random devices)
the biggest highlight on the dev side, is that we now use upstream SDK
(thanks to dangowrt for pushing this, and pau for implementing it!)
which brings us much closer to LEDE/OpenWrt and allows reporting
upstream ath9k bugs or such, among other benefits

 * generic binaries, meant for testing or setting up temporary networks
   (i.e. when having the default AP SSID = LibreMesh.org is fine)


(build is running right now, binaries should be ready tomorrow for sure)

 * for custom builds, the recommended tool at this point is lime-sdk


 * chef builds are not available at this point. there are plans to
integrate this release into chef in the future, but no ETA :(


Most of the following changelog was accomplished during the 2017/03
hackaton (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UX1FwhIKGY)

Changelog Dayboot Rely 17.06 (since 16.07)

  * based on LEDE 17.01.2
  * build everything using LEDE SDK, via new lime-sdk cooker (instead of
  * use ieee80211s instead of adhoc
  * reintroduced "firewall" package (to keep closer to upstream)
  * lime-system: fix ieee80211s proto, correctly construct ifnames
  * lime-system: sanitize hostname (transform everything into
alphanumeric and dash)
  * lime-system: new proto static
  * lime-system: new wifi mode client
  * lime-system: set dnsmasq force=1 to ensure dnsmasq never bails out
  * lime-system: explicitly populate /etc/config/lime with calculated values
  * lime-webui: enable i18n, finally webinterface is available in Spanish
  * lime-webui: Major rework by NicoPace, thanks!
    * bmx6 node graph now uses colors in a clever way
    * simple way to add "system notes" that are shown along with
/etc/banner and webui
    * luci-app-lime-location: fix google maps api key
    * new read-only view: switch ports status
    * alert luci-mod-admin users that their changes might get
overwritten by lime-config
    * fix batman-adv status webui
  * new package available to install lighttpd instead of uhttpd (needed
for an upcoming android app)
  * added a lime-sysupgrade command: does a sysupgrade but only
preserving libremesh configuration file
  * added a lime-apply command: basically calls reload_config, but also
applies hostname system-wide without rebooting
  * lime-hwd-ground-routing: ground routing now supports untagged ports too
  * lime-proto-anygw: unique mac based on ap_ssid (using %N1, %N2)
  * lime-proto-anygw: integrate better into /etc/config/dhcp instead of
  * lime-proto-wan: allow link-local traffic over wan (useful for local
ping6 and ssh, without global exposure)
  * lime-proto-batadv: set batadv gw_mode=client by default to
counteract rogue DHCP servers
  * lime-proto-bmx6: introduce bmx6_pref_gw option, adds priority (x10)
to a specific bmx6 gateway
  * lime-proto-bmx6: don't tag bmx6 packets over ethernet and so use at
least mtu=1500 everywhere
  * lime-proto-bmx6: avoid autodetected wan interface use vlan for bmx6
  * bmx6: doesn't flood log with some spurious warnings anymore (syslog=0)
  * bmx6: sms plugin now enabled by default
  * bmx6: daemon is now supervised by procd, so it is restarted in case
of crashes
  * bmx6: doesn't "configSync" by default anymore (no more "uci pending
changes" because of auto-gw-mode)
  * new bmx6hosts tool: maintain an /etc/hosts that resolves fd66: <->
  * watchping: convert to procd and add reload triggers
  * safe-reboot: fix, use /overlay/upper instead of /overlay
  * safe-reboot: add "discard" action
  * ath9k: debugged some hangs (interface is deaf) and workaround it,
with new package "smonit"
  * set wifi default "distance" parameter to 1000 metres and make it
configurable through webui
  * alfred: fix bat-hosts facter, check for errors and don't nuke
/etc/bat-hosts in case of failure
  * introduce new lime-basic-noui metapackage
  * new packages separated: lime-docs and lime-docs-minimal
  * various Makefile dependency problems fixed

known bugs:
  * safe-reboot: newly introduced "discard" action is half-baked, avoid
usage until next release:
    It doesn't check whether there's a backup to restore or not -
    so executing "safe-reboot discard" without having done "safe-reboot"
first, will brick the router.
    (unbricking is possible via failsafe boot, and doing "mount_root &&

In the commit log authors you can see the usual suspects ;)
but happily many new names!

and remember it's not only code/commits what matters, so big thanks as
well to everyone participating in mailing lists, maintaining website,
documentation (spread around the web, in many languages!)
lime-users mailing list
lime-users a lists.libremesh.org

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