[Ninux-Wireless] LibreMesh Release 17.06 "Dayboot Rely"

Ilario Gelmetti iochesonome a gmail.com
Lun 25 Set 2017 13:55:07 CEST

In caso qualcuno volesse cimentarsi con Github e contribuire allo
sviluppo di LibreMesh, abbiamo etichettato tutte le segnalazioni e
richieste che siano facili da risolvere e implementare (quickfix),
eccole qua :D

del firmware vero e proprio e dei suoi strumenti:

dell'aiutante di compilazione lime-sdk:

del contenuto del nostro sito http://libremesh.org/

La discussione la facciamo direttamente su Github (preferibilmente in
inglese) o sulla mailing list lime-users (anche in italiano):


On 09/24/2017 01:34 AM, Ilario Gelmetti wrote:
> Dopo un anno di sviluppo (sono state cambiate un sacco di cosette e
> aggiunte alcune funzioni comode, in generale è migliorato parecchio) e
> testing (per esempio tutta la rete dell'ultimo Hackmeeting era costruita
> con LibreMesh), finalmente e` disponibile una nuova versione di LibreMesh :D
> Qui trovate la guida aggiornata in italiano sul sito Ninux:
> http://wiki.ninux.org/Libre-Mesh
> e quella sul sito LibreMesh:
> http://libremesh.org/docs/it_guida_rapida_per_iniziare.html
> Qui sotto trovate l'annuncio ufficiale e il changelog.
> Ciao!
> Ilario
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> Subject: [lime-users] Release 17.06 "Dayboot Rely"
> Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2017 20:13:04 +0200
> From: Gui Iribarren <gui a altermundi.net>
> Reply-To: libremesh users <lime-users a lists.libremesh.org>
> To: libremesh users <lime-users a lists.libremesh.org>, libremesh
> development <lime-dev a lists.libremesh.org>
> So, this release was meant to be announced many months ago (as the
> numbering suggests) but lack of coordination (me, gio, pau) delayed it.
> In the meantime, some more fixes and improvements were introduced, and
> most importantly, several (unpublished) intermediate "release
> candidates" have been running for months now, in different community
> networks (QuintanaLibre mainly, thanks to persevering NicoEchaniz, and
> other smaller deployments)
> Highlights are that ieee80211s is used by default (instead of adhoc)
> which breaks "backward" connectivity with previous releases,
> as well as changes in vlan tagging policy of bmx6 and batadv (which also
> are not backwards compatible by default)
> most notably, this vlan change fixes a hard-to-debug mtu shrinking bug
> that pestered all releases so far (symptoms were varied and bizarre,
> like having timeouts when trying to browse certain https sites,
> sometimes, on random devices)
> the biggest highlight on the dev side, is that we now use upstream SDK
> (thanks to dangowrt for pushing this, and pau for implementing it!)
> which brings us much closer to LEDE/OpenWrt and allows reporting
> upstream ath9k bugs or such, among other benefits
>  * generic binaries, meant for testing or setting up temporary networks
>    (i.e. when having the default AP SSID = LibreMesh.org is fine)
> http://downloads.libremesh.org/dayboot_rely/17.06/targets/
> (build is running right now, binaries should be ready tomorrow for sure)
>  * for custom builds, the recommended tool at this point is lime-sdk
> http://libremesh.org/getit.html#cook_your_own_firmware_using_lime_sdk
> https://github.com/libremesh/lime-sdk
>  * chef builds are not available at this point. there are plans to
> integrate this release into chef in the future, but no ETA :(
> ###
> Most of the following changelog was accomplished during the 2017/03
> hackaton (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UX1FwhIKGY)
> Changelog Dayboot Rely 17.06 (since 16.07)
>   * based on LEDE 17.01.2
>   * build everything using LEDE SDK, via new lime-sdk cooker (instead of
> lime-build)
>   * use ieee80211s instead of adhoc
>   * reintroduced "firewall" package (to keep closer to upstream)
>   * lime-system: fix ieee80211s proto, correctly construct ifnames
>   * lime-system: sanitize hostname (transform everything into
> alphanumeric and dash)
>   * lime-system: new proto static
>   * lime-system: new wifi mode client
>   * lime-system: set dnsmasq force=1 to ensure dnsmasq never bails out
>   * lime-system: explicitly populate /etc/config/lime with calculated values
>   * lime-webui: enable i18n, finally webinterface is available in Spanish
>   * lime-webui: Major rework by NicoPace, thanks!
>     * bmx6 node graph now uses colors in a clever way
>     * simple way to add "system notes" that are shown along with
> /etc/banner and webui
>     * luci-app-lime-location: fix google maps api key
>     * new read-only view: switch ports status
>     * alert luci-mod-admin users that their changes might get
> overwritten by lime-config
>     * fix batman-adv status webui
>   * new package available to install lighttpd instead of uhttpd (needed
> for an upcoming android app)
>   * added a lime-sysupgrade command: does a sysupgrade but only
> preserving libremesh configuration file
>   * added a lime-apply command: basically calls reload_config, but also
> applies hostname system-wide without rebooting
>   * lime-hwd-ground-routing: ground routing now supports untagged ports too
>   * lime-proto-anygw: unique mac based on ap_ssid (using %N1, %N2)
>   * lime-proto-anygw: integrate better into /etc/config/dhcp instead of
> /etc/dnsmasq.d/
>   * lime-proto-wan: allow link-local traffic over wan (useful for local
> ping6 and ssh, without global exposure)
>   * lime-proto-batadv: set batadv gw_mode=client by default to
> counteract rogue DHCP servers
>   * lime-proto-bmx6: introduce bmx6_pref_gw option, adds priority (x10)
> to a specific bmx6 gateway
>   * lime-proto-bmx6: don't tag bmx6 packets over ethernet and so use at
> least mtu=1500 everywhere
>   * lime-proto-bmx6: avoid autodetected wan interface use vlan for bmx6
>   * bmx6: doesn't flood log with some spurious warnings anymore (syslog=0)
>   * bmx6: sms plugin now enabled by default
>   * bmx6: daemon is now supervised by procd, so it is restarted in case
> of crashes
>   * bmx6: doesn't "configSync" by default anymore (no more "uci pending
> changes" because of auto-gw-mode)
>   * new bmx6hosts tool: maintain an /etc/hosts that resolves fd66: <->
> hostnames.mesh
>   * watchping: convert to procd and add reload triggers
>   * safe-reboot: fix, use /overlay/upper instead of /overlay
>   * safe-reboot: add "discard" action
>   * ath9k: debugged some hangs (interface is deaf) and workaround it,
> with new package "smonit"
>   * set wifi default "distance" parameter to 1000 metres and make it
> configurable through webui
>   * alfred: fix bat-hosts facter, check for errors and don't nuke
> /etc/bat-hosts in case of failure
>   * introduce new lime-basic-noui metapackage
>   * new packages separated: lime-docs and lime-docs-minimal
>   * various Makefile dependency problems fixed
> known bugs:
>   * safe-reboot: newly introduced "discard" action is half-baked, avoid
> usage until next release:
>     It doesn't check whether there's a backup to restore or not -
> https://github.com/libremesh/lime-packages/issues/203
>     so executing "safe-reboot discard" without having done "safe-reboot"
> first, will brick the router.
>     (unbricking is possible via failsafe boot, and doing "mount_root &&
> firstboot")
> In the commit log authors you can see the usual suspects ;)
> but happily many new names!
> https://github.com/libremesh/lime-packages/graphs/contributors?from=2016-09-08&to=2017-09-23&type=c
> and remember it's not only code/commits what matters, so big thanks as
> well to everyone participating in mailing lists, maintaining website,
> documentation (spread around the web, in many languages!)

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