[Battlemesh] Thanks for the v5 ;-)

Ryan Hughes ryan at iheartryan.com
Wed Apr 4 04:14:17 CEST 2012

> I stared to write a thank you mail but it got too big thanking all 60 people in the conference!! So
> I will just say I:
> Thank you all for beeing here! Thank the people who had the idea of this event! Thank the people who
> had the crazy idea to brink this to Greece and gave us the oportunity to meet all of you! Thank the
> Recon team for finding us and inspired us! (and drink with us :P ) Thank all the locals for th
> eford! Thank all the people who helped remotely! 
> And espesialy thank you all for picking up tasks all 9 days and keeping the event running!

It is extremely difficult to return to real life now. :-\  I just want to 
take another week off and work on implementing all the good ideas I got at 
the battlemesh.


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