[Battlemesh] Battlemesh v5 tests

Gabriel Kerneis kerneis at pps.jussieu.fr
Tue Mar 6 17:30:15 CET 2012


On Tue, Mar 06, 2012 at 10:04:03PM +0800, Marek Lindner wrote:
>  Maybe you simply use your browser to check our documentation on
>  www.open-mesh.org. You can't expect we give you a private phone call every
>  time we release a new feature.  You'll have read the release announcement and
>  documentation on our website like everybody else.

I’m not a BATMAN user but I’m interested in multi-radio routing, so I just
checked out your wiki.  On the Documentation Overview [1], I noticed two
promising links:
- Multi-Link Optimization - how to optimize traffic by using multiple links [2]
- Bonding and Interface Alternating - Use multiple links in batman-adv for fun
  and profit. [3]

The former sadly returns a 404 (“this page does not exist or has been
deleted”).  The latter explains the general principle of “interface
alternating”, which I happen to already know since I’m interested in the topic,
but does not explain at all the mechanisms, metrics, or even configuration
options to tweak it in BATMAN.  Searching for “alternating” on the wiki does not
yield more results [4].

Whatever the reasons (we all know that writing documentation takes more time
and is more boring than coding), I feel that you make BATMAN and the community
at large a disservice by keeping insights about how advanced features work
burried in the source code.  Yes, I could figure it out by myself; no, I
unfortunately don’t have the time to do so.

[1] http://www.open-mesh.org/wiki/batman-adv/Doc-overview
[2] http://www.open-mesh.org/wiki/batman-adv/Multi-link-optimize
[3] http://www.open-mesh.org/wiki/batman-adv/Bonding-alternating
[4] http://www.open-mesh.org/search/index/batman-adv?q=alternating&wiki_pages=1

Best regards,

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