[Battlemesh] Result documentation RFC

Nemesis nemesis at ninux.org
Tue Sep 1 17:26:24 CEST 2015

On 09/01/2015 05:13 PM, Jenny Ryan wrote:
> Awesome, Federico!
> One suggestion I have is just to include a short verbal summary of
> each graph, though I'm guessing you already intend to do that (eg; "In
> this particular example though, Babel, BMX7 and OLSRv1, with almost
> all packets being under 10ms, outperforms Batman-adv and OLSRv2, which
> “only” have 80% of the packets under 10ms.").

They are all good suggestions, the problem is that I'm also not very
good at explaining how to interpret the data and I don't want to risk to
write wrong descriptions that might never be corrected.

I hope someone will volunteer to improve the descriptions, now that most
of the work is done, doing this kind of refinements does not require a
lot of time.

> An abstract / summary at the beginning of the article would also be
> excellent. Apologies to make suggestions without volunteering to do
> the work myself, but it's definitely out of my depth.

aren't the "Topology" section short enough to describe what we are doing
from a general point of view?

If not a few ideas would be helpful.

> To all working on documentation or any related written content, do
> feel free to ping me if you'd like me to look over the text for any
> grammar/spelling errors or linguistic awkwardness. I have some years
> of experience copyediting undergraduate essays :)

Excellent, you can start doing this right now, I'm mostly done with
improvements, I just need to add a few more details in Test 3.


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