[Battlemesh] Wireless. Mesh. Battle. The. What?

Paul Fuxjaeger paul.fuxjaeger at gmx.at
Sun Apr 23 23:30:13 CEST 2017

hello people,

temperature is rising in Vienna, and time to warm up the testbed
discussion once again :P

The Background:
The scope of event broadened over the last few years. And most of us
seem to appreciate that - so we keep it that way. But it gets harder and
harder to execute measurements and log/document them properly in such a
context, causing frustration for those that put their heart into it.
Repeating the same procedure as last years seems suboptimal.

Should we:

1) ... double down NOW on finding the one measurement setup which many
participants are interested in? If there is broad consensus well ahead
of the event we can do anything we want - and local team will try its
best to support the preparations.

2) ... skip coordinating a large measurement campaign and simply let
happen whatever spontaneously happens beside

3) ... aim for a set of coordinated "new feature tests" instead. E.g. we
assist each other making yet untested implementations of protocol Y in
firmware X work stable in a larger network? One after the other.

4) ... something else entirely that has good chances of success in a
typical battlemesh context? :D

What's YOUR take?

I will copy comments in this thread to our etherpad for persistence:

Let's nail this down in the next two weeks.

#WBM10 local team

previous threads on the list for context:

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