[Battlemesh] Testbed - how to organize this year?

Nemesis nemesis at ninux.org
Fri Mar 24 16:42:09 CET 2017

On 03/24/2017 02:41 PM, Paul Fuxjaeger wrote:
> thanks for the kickoff,
> On 22/03/2017 11:59, Simon Wunderlich wrote:
>> In the past years, I've asked for volunteers for technical help and 
>> organizing/planning the tests. While there were always people who 
>> wanted to do technical things, finding volunteers for 
>> planning/managing was harder, and after many years I don't know if 
>> that kind of role separation even makes sense.
> I guess it’s the growth and thus broadening scope of last years
> events that makes coordination more and more difficult here.
> Nevertheless, I'm optimistic that we can come up with a set of
> experiments that are interesting enough for a large group.
> my personal list of burning research questions ;)
> - what's currently the optimal throughput metric to use?
> - does airtime fairness scheduling make sense in mesh?
> - is it optimal to use 802.11s(norouting) instead of IBSS?
> - what's the potential of per packet power control?
> obviously, lower layer matters to me most - who else is interested in
> preparing something in this direction?
>> I also heard that the local team would be willing to prepare the 
>> venue, e.g. pre-install routers, provide maps, etc.
> Yep, a couple of funkfeuer colleagues have already offered helping hands
> in this regard.
> One thing is certain: We will have lots of core devs on site, lots of
> routers, lots of space, and roughly 5 days of time on our hands besides
> the talk track. Any crazy and large network experiment is doable IF we
> can agree on which one it shall be :D

Testing 802.11s vs adhoc would be very interesting and should not be
very hard.


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