[Battlemesh] Meshenger and mesh network applications uses cases

Mitar mitar at tnode.com
Thu Aug 29 08:32:31 CEST 2019


Yes, ignore the aspect of PiplMesh talking about captive portal. That is
old. I more meant about what features one can provide which takes mesh
network topology into the account. Like local information. Or messages
where you have "resistance" how far you can publish it, local node is
easy, one-hop as well, but to the whole network harder. (You need more
karma or something to send messages further. So that it works like
audio, more you have to scream to get your messages further. Or others
have to repeat it.)

How to get users to know about those services, I think this is a real
problem. In Safari at least there is bookmark section which can be
populated over the local network with websites (using Avahi).


> Splash pages were more common with the Freifunk community quite some time ago.
> But now have died out almost completely.
> We (Freifunk Bielefeld), had a splash page around 2012 (I think), but removed them, because when you have a splash page, people setting up router also want to have a Splash page of their own.
> If you deny others a splash page, you should deny it yourself...
> Now we have a setting on the router were you advertise one label with a link, that can be displayed on other routers status page. But I do not think anyone uses those links. It's also disabled by default.
> On 8/28/19 7:26 PM, Mitar wrote:
>> Hi!
>> This is what we have came up with:
>> https://dev.wlan-si.net/wiki/PiplMesh
>> (Never fully implemented.)
>> Mitar
>>> Hi,
>>> After seeing the presentation on Meshenger at Battlemesh 2019, I
>>> thought of other computer applications that would very strongly benefit
>>> from having a mesh network to run on.
>>> There are human interactions that are both privacy sensitive and
>>> would work well in a local communities:
>>> - Borrowing / giving / buying hardware, tools, or goods that a person
>>>   does not use anymore.
>>> - Exchanging services.
>>> - Meeting people.
>>> If the underlying network is a mesh network and that the fixed nodes
>>> (like a WiFi router running B.A.T.M.A.N for instance) locations are more
>>> or less known, messages could be send with some given TTL that would
>>> prevent them from propagating too far away.
>>> Denis.
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