[Battlemesh] Battlemesh v12: practical information for participants

Baptiste Jonglez baptiste at bitsofnetworks.org
Sat Jul 6 15:20:44 CEST 2019


The start of the Battlemesh is approaching!  We would like to give all
participants some practical information before the event.

== Arrival on Monday ==

When you arrive on Monday, you are welcome to the event location (6b)
between 9 am and 11 pm.  In the evening, all participants are invited to a
free "welcome buffet" with African food, starting at 6.30 pm at the 6b!

To reach the 6b, follow the instructions: https://www.battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV12#Where

== Transportation in Paris ==

You need a specific public transportation ticket to come to the 6b.  There
are several options depending on whether you plan to visit Paris during
the week or not.  Everything is explained here:


== Accommodation package ==

If you registered for an accommodation package, the address of the hostel is:

   Beautiful Belleville
   12 rue de l’atlas
   75019 PARIS

Travel instructions can be found here: https://www.battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV12#Accommodation_package

Check-in time: starting from 3 pm (the reception is open 24/7)

Check-out time: 11 am

When checking in, you may have to pay the tourist tax (a few euros).

== Food ==

For lunch, we will have organized lunches at a local restaurant.  Each
meal will be vegetarian and will cost either 7.50 € (single course)
or 12 € (two-courses).

For dinner, participants will have to organize food on their own, except
for the welcome dinner offered at the 6b on Monday.

We will also provide a small bar with refreshing drinks, opened all day
during the event.

Please make sure to bring cash! (in Euros)

== Schedule ==

The full schedule is available here: https://www.battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV12#Talk_Schedule_and_Workshops

We also provide an ICS file that you can add to your calendar: https://www.battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV12?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=battlemeshv12.ics

== Testbed ==

The testbed(s) will be self-organized, you can coordinate what hardware you
plan to bring on this page: https://www.battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV12#Hardware

If you have space, please bring a few power plugs, just in case!

== Streaming and recording of talks ==

All talks and panels will be live streamed and recorded!

Information about live streams will be made available on https://www.battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV12#Live_streaming_and_video_recordings

== Social events ==

Beside the welcome dinner on Monday, we will have a social event in Paris
on Thursday evening.  We will visit the « Computer Grrrls » expo at the
Gaîté Lyrique: https://www.battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV12/Events#Computer-grrrls

After the visit, we anticipate self-organized social activities (food,
drinks) in this nice "quartier" of Paris!

See you on Monday,
The local team

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