[Battlemesh] Introducing myself, chat about open source critical infrastructure

Jessica Feldman feldman.jm at gmail.com
Sat Jul 13 10:59:28 CEST 2019

Hi all,

My name is Jessica Feldman - I'm a professor at the American University of
Paris in the Communications Dept. I research how community groups
(particularly those with democratic and left politics) design tech, which
designs work and don't work for them, etc. (I've also been slowly working
with some engineers back in my hometown of NYC on an encrypted mobile mesh
network, although that is going very slowly...) I've met or talked to a few
of you here & there. I'm coming by battlemesh this afternoon and really
looking forward to the talks.

I'm currently also involved in this research project, which is about how to
define and fund "open source critical digital infrastructure". (This is the
It’s funded by the Ford Foundation:

I'm trying to interview people who are involved in building such projects
to learn what they think of as critical, and how they fund/sustain their
projects (or how they want to.) We're particularly interested in the
importance of nfp/open-source projects for practicing progressive (define
that as you like) politics. I was anyone out there would be interested in
having a chat/coffee/interview about some of these questions in the next
days (I'm based in Paris so I'm around.) Happy to tell you more about the
research, send my questions and privacy practices, etc, and answer any
questions you might have about it.

Please reach out if you are able to chat! All my various contact info is

I have a really bright orange bag and am easy to find for that reason,

All the best,

Jessica Feldman

whatsapp / signal +1 646 637 8380
phone: +33 6 99 78 30 88

Jessica Feldman

Assistant Professor

Department of Global Communications

American University of Paris


Affiliated Researcher

Digital Civil Society Lab

Stanford University


jfeldman at aup.edu

jessfeld at stanford.edu

feldman at protonmail.com

feldman.jm at gmail.com

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