[Battlemesh] Tnak you and ideas about next years battleMesh

Isa isa at altermundi.net
Sun Jul 14 10:42:45 CEST 2019


Thank you for this years battlemesh and all your talks, energy,
interactions with Amaru,etc. And special thanky to the organization team!!

Many of you have participated in reflecting on the topic of:
Participating of women and more divers group of people in community

Thank you for sharing your ideas, experiences, etc.

I wanted to share an idea about next years BM. What about an open call
for a community that want to deploy a community wifi network?
If the community gets chosen they would get involved in the planning of
the event and it would be hosted in their community.

Therefore we would have to think about the requirements in order to be
able to host the event like housing, electricity, possibility to
connect, etc.
Should it be in Europe of is it possible to think about another continent?

But before that I wanted to leave this idea here for you and I'm hoping
to get some feedback. Also from the mentors like Filipe and Paul.

I can imagine getting involved in this kind of organization of next
years BM but I would love to work in a team but Im not sure if this year
someone already wanted to host next years event in his/her city?

Greetings Isa

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