[Battlemesh] Last day

Baptiste Jonglez baptiste at bitsofnetworks.org
Sun Jul 14 11:32:54 CEST 2019

Hi everybody,

Battlemesh is finishing, and from the feedback we got it was a great

Today, Feroz proposed to cook lunch: bortsch (beetroot soup) and chard
pie.  If you're interested, tell me as soon as possible, and let's meet at
12h30 at 6b for lunch!  You can also bring your own food, the goal is to
have a nice lunch all together.

This afternoon, we will be cleaning up the space, you are welcome to give
a helping hand if you're still here.  We need help from 14h to 20h.

There are less trains than usual today, but it's still possible to move
around.  Just take more margin to catch your flight.

Some more practical information:

- videos recordings will be available in September.  We had around 30
  presentations, so it's a lot of work for the (awesome) (all-volunteers)
  video team!

- if you haven't sent me your slides yet, please do it: https://nuage.polyno.me/s/yYAbp2atp98ttc5

- if you lost or forgot something, let us know

Thanks for coming <3
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