[Battlemesh] Invitation to the Brique Camp / YunoCamp 2019

Alexandre Aubin alex.aubin at mailoo.org
Sat Jul 20 16:15:56 CEST 2019

Hello !

 From August 10th to 16th, we are organizing the Brique Camp / YunoCamp 
2019, an event during which contributors from the YunoHost and Internet 
Cube projects (c.f. keoma's talk on Friday!) meet and work together. It 
will happen at the Fuz hackerspace in Paris (easily accessible from the 
metro, near station Nation).

You are very welcome if you want to join us - even to work on different 
projects (related to Internet decentralization, etc.) or just to discuss 
for a few minutes or hours ;P! Inside the YunoHost and Internet Cube 
projects, we have many important topics not requiring tech skills (such 
as redesigning the websites / landing pages, doing UX tests, helping to 
design stuff in the webadmin, having pedagogical documentation, ...)

All infos are on the dedicated topic on our forum [1]. (N.B. : if you 
plan to attend, it will very much help us if you add yourself in the 
framadate or send us an email!)


Aleks for the YunoHost team


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