[Battlemesh] bufferbloat fixed on the ath10k in openwrt head, finally

Steve Newcomb srn at coolheads.com
Sun Jun 7 20:30:21 CEST 2020

On 6/7/20 1:37 PM, Pedro wrote:
> we are finishing some config network designs in our bmx6 network of
> Barcelona to switch from openwrt release 18.x to 19.x (when possible)
> and from adhoc to 802.11s, to incorporate easily ath10k (no ct) with 802.11s
> so I'm patching some things, and I thought: maybe I could patch this to
> 19.07.3, but looks like would be too much effort and maybe it is better
> to wait for 20.x, no?
> anyone tried this new thing of AQL + ath10k in its community network?
Yes, we're using the OpenWRT trunk code (r13500, now; see rosepark dot 
us).  The difference is very noticeable.  For example, Google Voice now 
works reliably and uninterruptedly for the first time ever.
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