[Battlemesh] GSoC 23 OpenWISP Ideas

Federico Capoano f.capoano at openwisp.io
Sun Feb 5 20:04:33 CET 2023

Hi there,

Great to see Freifunk is participating again in GSoC this year, OpenWISP
will apply again too for anything related to network management, firmware
upgrading and monitoring.

We have only 3 ideas listed and look to add a fourth one soon regarding
improvements to the notifications module.

The main concepts we are exploring are:

- zero tier automation: allow provisioning zerotier tunnels automatically
on OpenWrt
- add support for influxdb 2.0 and elastic search as timeseries DBs for the
monitoring system (now we only support influxdb 1.8)
- OpenWrt firmware upgrader: UX improvements and allow mass upgrade by
group and/or location
- the notification improvements we have in mind are related mainly to
improving the notification settings UX which now is bad and
grouping/batching email sending to avoid sending too many alerts via email
(batch all of them in one periodic email for example)

If anyone reading this is interested in these topics, here's our idea list:
Anyone interested in proposing and leading a project idea get in touch with
us or send a PR to https://github.com/openwisp/openwisp2-docs .

Best regards
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