[Battlemesh] Things to bring to Calafou

Pedro pedro at cas.cat
Mon May 1 23:18:49 CEST 2023

Thanks Ilario,

I took into account your list and updated in the wiki


It is also very important to bring money in cash for the accomodation 

 From seconds ago, you can also have an idea of what to expect






On 5/1/23 22:00, Ilario via Battlemesh wrote:
> Hello!
> On the website of Calafou you can find a list of things they suggest 
> people to bring for sleeping there:
> https://wiki.calafou.org/index.php/INFO_B%C3%81SICA#What_to_bring_with_you 
> I wanted to share a redacted list, with the stuff that are needed in 
> my opinion:
> Sleeping bag
> Flashlight or headlamp
> Pillow
> Earplugs (in case anyone snorts in the bunk beds)
> Sleeping face mask (most of the windows have no blinds)
> Mosquito repellent
> Sheet for the mattress
> Water bottle
> Multi plug extension cord
> 10 euros cash for the t-shirt, if you asked for it
> Some coins for the drinks
> (plus all the obvious things that you would take for going anywhere)
> The list on the Battlemesh wiki ( 
> https://battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV15/#What_to_bring_with_you ) will be 
> soon expanded with this list :)
> The forecasted maximum and minimum temperatures for that week are max 
> 27 °C and min 10 °C.
> So, during the night, it can get quite chilly.
> Also, the weather forecast gives a non-negligible probability that it 
> will rain. The ground between buildings in Calafou is, in some parts, 
> unpaved, choose your shoes accordingly :)
> Ciao!
> Ilario

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