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Pedro pedro at cas.cat
Tue May 2 01:37:35 CEST 2023

Hi Ignifugo,

I hope you now have permissions to do the wiki edits yourself (if not, 
let's work on it)

Seconds ago I scheduled your talks in 

I temporarily allocated:

- round table: building and supporting imaginary from 05/10/2023 at 5:00 
PM to 05/10/2023 at 6:00 PM
- talk: use of developer tools in networking from 05/12/2023 at 5:00 PM 
to 05/12/2023 at 5:30 PM

I am the only can edit this, so talk me privately with cc 
v15 at battlemesh.org to reach the final version

I also asked Calafou for a talk about ecoxarxes


On 4/30/23 13:15, ignifugo via Battlemesh wrote:
> On 29/04/23 12:15, Pedro via Battlemesh wrote:
>> Hi ignifugo,
>> According to the registration, we are going to have very few local 
>> participation. Barcelona is also known for attracting people from 
>> outside but not the locals. But I am not giving up, any help on 
>> reaching them it will be fine and fun.
> hi Pedro
> and all the other people of the organization of this version of 
> Battlemesh,
> thanks for your effort, time and mediation from global to local and 
> back :)
>> In general, here you have my +1 to all your proposals:
>> +1 to wiki edit. according to the wiki's history, this edition was 
>> only edited by 3 people: 77, marek, pedro [1]. I don't know if there 
>> is a permission problem, but please, edit it the way you think it 
>> would be more inclusive, or it would communicate better what we are 
>> doing. If you cannot edit, we could work on rearranging permissions, 
>> or send them to me and I will include it mentioning in the comment 
>> that are your contributions. (The same apply to other people that 
>> could struggle editing the wiki)
> I did but in the page, participants
> https://battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV15/Participants
> because the others looks blocked to edit.
> I can't also create new pages.
> I share to you some screenshot to fix.. I think is an issue of 
> permission.. the pages say : immutable pages. on top
> https://pic.infini.fr/gallery#qfLXV5hK/nPntZsUY.png,2msGsluT/WazSgn23.png,arlPm7sJ/gxXMrChV.png 
> I paste here the text of Roger, if is possible is nice if stay quite 
> top of the main page of the version15.. thanks again
> I didn't edit writing explicit: "trans-feminist welcome" or "we will 
> not tolerate act of racism, colonialism and omofobia", because this is 
> a level that we have to agree all together, this not a personal 
> decision, but a collective decision and we have to agree together 
> thinking and comparing how much self-education we have done to 
> ourselves to get out of structural problems like racism and sexism. So 
> decide and write only if we think that we can really apply :)
> So I can't define it, but maybe we can do in the roundtable or in the 
> final assembly?
>> +1 to flyer on the web, open to include it, let me know how can I help
> I did this, 
> https://pic.infini.fr/gallery#bWKHle6D/AvomHRYM.png,PEEQOfif/tJRSROf4.png,R3YlNZW1/a1hkDHM5.png
> hem I used the slogan from Porto...
> looking now.. I think is missing Open.. somewhere.. but can works..
> I'm sorry but I'm not a grafic design :/
> Maybe logos of the community that will partecipating can help.
> I think to publish also on https://bcn.convoca.la/about..
> I think we are compliant with their requests.. like..
> we push FOSS.. and if we have to fit in one of that category, I thinks 
> we can stay in:
> -Defensa i transformació de serveis públics: educació, sanitat, 
> transport...   COMMUNICATION NETWORKS :)
> -Moviment cooperatiu ..
> I think a lot of ECOxarxas are using GUIFINET, but maybe is a mine idea..
> Will be possible have some talks about the ECOxarcas? I think is a 
> magnific example of human networks based on a idea of 
> "equality"..about productions of food and interchanges.. and about 
> local money..
> but I knew some in 2017.. so I don't know now..
> Do you think is important I specific ask to someone a talk/charla 
> about this?
> or.. already someone submitted?
>> +1 to the round table, would you like to coordinate that event 
>> proposal? Send to v15 at battlemesh.org details about the event 
>> https://battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV15/#Call_for_participation
> yeah, thanks! I think I can coordinate a round table,
> and I would like also submit a talk about the use of developer tools 
> in networking, so something about git/pass/ssh to manage things 
> together in local organization. I send soon the two proposals.
> Can be also the place where we can speak freely about aggression/micro 
> aggression that people lived in IT events to have clear what is 
> endemic racism and sexism..
>> ( By the way, this is also a general call for participation; for 
>> anyone thinking that she might have an interesting topic to raise at 
>> battlemesh: through an event, wiki contribution, comment, etc. )
>> Looks like the Bechdel test apply for film, can you adapt it to 
>> battlemesh or show me an alternate link that explains that to more 
>> detail and more specific for our event [3]
>> But trying to apply "bechdel test" to the event myself without 
>> knowing to much: if you would like to have a non mixed event proposal 
>> (with no men), I am sure you will have a lot of support from calafou 
>> people: even if you need an extra room that was not planned or 
>> expected, etc.
> thanks for this,
> I think the round table is enougth and give us more advantage if we do 
> mixed.
> and the Bechdel test in grafic of humans can be one of the topic.
> Personally I check if in a poster:
> - are rapresented also feminine/trans/queer not white human
> - if are rapresented: if they are the protagonists, if they act as 
> soggettivity together, if they act in autonomy from men,...
> I prefer go deep in this topic speaking, because english for me is a 
> bit hard.. sorry. Thanks that you went to read the wikipedia pages
> and by now the Bedchel test is outdated, it was a test to show the 
> injustice of representation of women in films, and it was then 
> extended so that we see the injustice of representation of many 
> categories in a level of intersectional politics.
>> By the way, I thought that by doing the event in calafou was enough 
>> motivation to some of that trans-feminist community to come; and by 
>> the way, thanks for helping us on improving our communication to 
>> them, it was really helpful
> hem.. I try to invite.. I'm not sure that will come.
>> In another level, your comments on promoting the event to local 
>> communities encourage me to do some personal pre-feedback about the 
>> people are coming (registration), I think it would be a very nice 
>> discussion. If people that could not come, could add that comments in 
>> some way we can raise it during that discussion it would be nice
>> About the guifi.net community, I sent this notice in catalan and 
>> spanish to several channel with very few success [2], I am not 
>> justifying myself, If you have feedback why I received so low to none 
>> people from there. Let me know if you have other ideas why they are 
>> not coming.
>> I tried to reach collectives and individuals [3] that might be 
>> interested, channels: in their mailing list, to personal emails, ear 
>> to ear example "by the way, we have battlemesh meeting, maybe you 
>> would like to join"),
>> All of that to have around 30 people confirmed, despite having 
>> explicitly said that it is important to register and that in this 
>> edition we are going to have to manage many more things ourselves 
>> (sleep, eat, clean).
> I think there will be more people than have signed up!
> and yes I'll try to write to some community and people in these days.
> see you soon!
> ignifugo
>> [1] https://battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV15?action=info
>> [2] https://exo.cat/battlemesh-v15-en-calafou-barcelona/
>> [3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bechdel_test
>> [4] I can say you exactly where, but I don't want to be so precise to 
>> avoid problems, we can discuss privately if you want
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