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Benjamin Henrion zoobab at gmail.com
Wed Jul 24 12:21:14 CEST 2019


Just reading the slides of last WBM in Paris (10 years anniversary
after the first edition at /tmp./lab!), the last slide here about
"military mesh" is fantastic:


Remembers me the non-MIL eGPL.info:


"Some military equipment are naturally using Open Source, for some weapon
systems on ships and airplanes. Some missile may actually be running Linux.
Some open source database may be used to track population for ethnic
cleansing. Also, on a less dramatic but even more real note, some of the
people using Open Source are actually working to make it impossible to develop
through DRM, software patents, lobbying or Internet censorship.

Using Free, Libre and Open Source Software for some socially negative
activities can be seen as an unfair use of a tool for openness and justice.
The social cost of these negative activities is not covered by the people
committing such negative actions. Worse, Open Source software used for such
negative goals is indeed helping such negative projects, often against the own
will of the project developers, creators, maintainers and of the whole
community. The EGPL can be seen as a way to redistribute the social and human
cost of negative actions back to the original perpetrators of such negative

And the moving minefield presentation in Vic!


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