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On 28/04/23 10:43, Roger Pueyo Centelles | Guifi.net via Battlemesh wrote:
> Hi,
> Catalan here. I only participated in the construction of a castell (not 
> "castella", this is something else) twice, pushing from the base (this 
> is called "fer pinya", sort of translatable as "help to build up") to 
> keep the structure above compact and stable. A concentration and 
> energy-demanding effort, like putting a routing protocol under test, but 
> fun to be part of.
> Pedro already gave a nice glimpse of what castells mean *nowadays* in 
> popular culture. Men-only castells were a declining tradition only a few 
> decades ago. As soon as inclusive "colles castelleres" (i.e., teams of 
> castellers) appeared in the late 80s, the castells tradition flourished 
> again and became an open, welcoming, family-friendly, intergenerational 
> activity. This meant not only more fun, but also better castells. I 
> think Catalan society learnt a valuable lesson from that. I found this 
> nice article (in Catalan 
> <https://revistacastells.cat/2018/03/les-dones-han-fet-els-castells-mes-grans/>) discussing it [1], which you may want to translate with your favourite translation tool.
> Now, I'd like to bring the whole castells topic into the Battlemesh 
> discussion. As you may imagine, the higher the castell goes, the bigger 
> and sounder the base (i.e., the "pinya") needs to be. This requires lots 
> of people supporting the tower from the bottom. Even in the most 
> signified castells competitions, which occur regularly, it is *common 
> practice* that members from one colla castellera (and also friends, 
> family, supporters, etc.) help a competing colla castellera to "fer 
> pinya" 
> <https://castellscat.cat/ca/descarregar/fem-pinya/CCCC_Fem_Pinya_2019.pdf> [2], so that all the castells that are build during the event become more solid and robust. Isn't it the whole purpose of putting the protocols at test during the Battlemesh, to make them more solid and robust through collaboration of all participants?

hi people, so

  to try to summarize...and share my point of view and some fact:

- we have the historical problem to be most a bunch of rich middle aged 
white men

- in Barna there are a lot of migrant trans-feminist communities (and 
there is another event about fediverse/peertube software in the same week)

- in catalunia there is a nice and big wireless community network that 
is Guifinet so I think we will have a lot of local partecipations

- we are going to do a Battlemesh near Barna.. and we are speaking 
about: "how can we improve diversity in our communities" or in another 
words: "how can we be welcoming with cultures different from the actual 

- we know that will come some women and indigenous people all over the 
world.. (I said this because I'm afraid we will offend someone without 
understand what we are doing....)

so, my proposal are:

- add some phrases in the wiki that explain that Castells are tipically 
from catalunia and in modern age open to women, trans and not catalan 
people. I can use the description of Roger and add in the wiki..

- have a flyer, only for web, that is welcoming trans-feminine people
(I can finish it and publish...)

- test a bit that in Battlemesh people know what are the systemic 
problems of racism and sexism, specific related to the exclusion to the 
tech enviroment. Can we do a round table during the event about this?
Who feels ready to speak about..?

I feel a lot this topics because in network the identity of "local net" 
and the agreements to be a bigger net are important! and based on 
collaboration! But we need to understand one with the others and speak 
about this.
How manage this in your network?

for the future..

- for the future we can verify that our posters and documentations pass 
the test of Bechdel [1]?

I can write something about this, but I think we can collect some other 
practices....and decide what to do for the future during an in person 
I think we can learn a lot one from the others!

> El 27/4/23 a les 22:07, Federico Capoano via Battlemesh ha escrit:
>> We could have had this discussion before, but it's too late now to 
>> change course on the logo and I honestly don't see anything offensive 
>> in it.

Hi Federico,

Don't worry we can plan how improve inclusivity in the future!

>> Having lived in Catalunya myself for some time, I have seen this 
>> peculiar thing they do there, it's just part of their culture.
>> Ignifugo, as you may know the local team are volunteers and they have 
>> enough to do, try to put yourself in their shoes, they are doing their 
>> best to deliver this event.

thanks for your point of view, but they look interested..
so I suggest to not do meta-conversation but everyone say the personal 
point of view. And if you have not time to do this conversation before 
the event, we can plan to speak during the event... or after, don't worry.

>> I recommend sticking to the technical discussions which is what most 
>> people in this community are really interested in.

I don't understand... why are you saying this?

Can you explain why speak of Inclusivity/Requirements in the 
organization of a extended worldwide event, is it for you not technical?

.. sure we can also speak about this in private, but please... be 
careful that your sentence might offend people, and you are primarily 
responsible for your self-education, secondarily your community, and 
thirdly the international network of which we are a part.


>> Peace.
>> Federico
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