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Pedro pedro at cas.cat
Sat Apr 29 12:15:29 CEST 2023

Hi ignifugo,

According to the registration, we are going to have very few local 
participation. Barcelona is also known for attracting people from 
outside but not the locals. But I am not giving up, any help on reaching 
them it will be fine and fun.

In general, here you have my +1 to all your proposals:

+1 to wiki edit. according to the wiki's history, this edition was only 
edited by 3 people: 77, marek, pedro [1]. I don't know if there is a 
permission problem, but please, edit it the way you think it would be 
more inclusive, or it would communicate better what we are doing. If you 
cannot edit, we could work on rearranging permissions, or send them to 
me and I will include it mentioning in the comment that are your 
contributions. (The same apply to other people that could struggle 
editing the wiki)

+1 to flyer on the web, open to include it, let me know how can I help

+1 to the round table, would you like to coordinate that event proposal? 
Send to v15 at battlemesh.org details about the event 

( By the way, this is also a general call for participation; for anyone 
thinking that she might have an interesting topic to raise at 
battlemesh: through an event, wiki contribution, comment, etc. )

Looks like the Bechdel test apply for film, can you adapt it to 
battlemesh or show me an alternate link that explains that to more 
detail and more specific for our event [3]

But trying to apply "bechdel test" to the event myself without knowing 
to much: if you would like to have a non mixed event proposal (with no 
men), I am sure you will have a lot of support from calafou people: even 
if you need an extra room that was not planned or expected, etc.

By the way, I thought that by doing the event in calafou was enough 
motivation to some of that trans-feminist community to come; and by the 
way, thanks for helping us on improving our communication to them, it 
was really helpful

In another level, your comments on promoting the event to local 
communities encourage me to do some personal pre-feedback about the 
people are coming (registration), I think it would be a very nice 
discussion. If people that could not come, could add that comments in 
some way we can raise it during that discussion it would be nice

About the guifi.net community, I sent this notice in catalan and spanish 
to several channel with very few success [2], I am not justifying 
myself, If you have feedback why I received so low to none people from 
there. Let me know if you have other ideas why they are not coming.

I tried to reach collectives and individuals [3] that might be 
interested, channels: in their mailing list, to personal emails, ear to 
ear example "by the way, we have battlemesh meeting, maybe you would 
like to join"),

All of that to have around 30 people confirmed, despite having 
explicitly said that it is important to register and that in this 
edition we are going to have to manage many more things ourselves 
(sleep, eat, clean).


[1] https://battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV15?action=info
[2] https://exo.cat/battlemesh-v15-en-calafou-barcelona/
[3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bechdel_test
[4] I can say you exactly where, but I don't want to be so precise to 
avoid problems, we can discuss privately if you want
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